Monday, February 20, 2017

Consider This — The Dilemma of Innovation vs. Innovating

For those accustomed to getting the weekend readings on our other mailing list, we are changing things up a bit. If you have been craving a weekend reading…and I know you have (more likely haven’t)…then you will have to get your fix elsewhere. Maybe

I hit the pause button recently to take inventory of some thoughts. Those who follow the book-a-week club will notice the thought thread throughout the unfolding year. Consequently, I think we could all consider something to consider. Therefore, instead of a weekend reading, I aim to offer a consideration to guide the ensuing week’s thought framework. At the beginning of each week that I am able, I will share something pithy, something provocative, something illuminating, something irrelevantly relevant that will hopefully “stick in you’re craw” as they say in these parts. I don’t say it…but “they” say it.

So consider this, what if your organization’s paradigm, be it a business paradigm or organizational paradigm or belief paradigm or value paradigm were not aligned to existing and emergent operational paradigms? To help think through this is a very interesting piece by Harvard scholar Clayton Christensen. I am sharing a very very brief summary of his 1997 Book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. In it, you will see some of the key points he makes in his book about the hidden phenomenon of paradigmatic changes within a particular market. On the surface, this book and the summary seems to be all about technology. It is, but it is not. Read past the technology. 

If you read a little deeper into the underlying elements of what disrupts a market or how a technology disrupts a business, you see that organizations need to not only adapt to changes; they need to adapt their fundamental thinking about what makes them who they are. Consider that for a week, because there is much more to that question than merely using a new tool or making a new product. Here is a link to a summary of Christensen’s work:

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