Friday, September 1, 2017

Beneath the Banal

There are many assessments of future security challenges. They are all banal looks at future problems we could face. Cyber attacks. WMD. Pandemics. Hybrid wars. Conventional wars. Irregular wars. Terrorism. These are all banal in so much as they are so obvious in form that we should actually be surprised when they do not happen. They lead me to wonder, what lurks beneath the banal? Look around the world right now. Notice who can keep pace with accelerating changes of pace

— technological changes, social changes, economic changes, ethical changes. There are three important filters through which you should look as you scan the world: capability, capital, and motive. Then ask these questions:

Could a business take over a country?
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What happens when a business takes over a country?
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What happens when a business takes over a country with proximal access to deterrent power?
Now the philosophical...

How does agency change the nature of power in the coming future?