Thursday, March 26, 2015

OECD Report - States of Fragility 2015

Having written about fragile and failing states before, I am always interested in the nature and impact these unique places have in the world. A new report out today from the OECD attempts to shed some new light on the landscape of these states who are not thriving as well as the rest of the global competitors. The report offers that in many ways Millennium Development Goals to reduce extreme poverty are being met; however, for these so-called fragile states, the prognosis is not so good.

The report opens by suggesting, "as a group [fragile states] have lagged behind other developing countries. Nearly two-thirds of those now considered fragile are expected to fail to meet the goal of halving poverty by 2015." The question then is, what is a fragile state, and who are they? I recommend taking a look at the OECD report to get an updated perspective on how we should view and understand those countries with great development needs.

States of Fragility 2015