Monday, May 14, 2012

Unlit Spaces - Draft Concept

When I read an interesting article by Karen Parish about "unlit spaces," I decided I needed to get a better handle on what these so-called "unlit spaces" are. Many terms are used to describe areas of the world that present certain challenges. These buzzwords in someways are useful, but in may ways they are marketing terms that I think have a tendency to over-generalize the characteristics of states and places. They are convenient, but I do not think they depict the correct picture when used in a broad sense to describe a wide range of places. This draft is an attempt to both consolidate some of the terms and re-define them with, what I believe, are simplified and useful definitions. This framework is meant to be a tool for analysis when determining where to apply strategic means and for determining why, strategically, those means need to be applied for an end. Since I am still working on it, please feel free to offer any objections, opinions, and otherwise constructive comments to further refine the concept. This particular framework is designed around a DOD and particularly a USSOCOM interest; however, I think the foundation of the framework is adaptable to any strategic analysis.

Also, since I haven't fully figured out how to work the blog features, please let me know if you cannot access the document.