Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have been away from here for about a year now. It is time to reengage the conversation. How does the world work? Why does the world do what the world does? How can we help the world do what the world does even better? These and many more things are on my mind. What is on yours?

In the coming months I will be exploring a variety of topics. Some of them are related to subjects I am studying. Others are just topics of interest. For example, I am interested in the growing conversation about "unlit spaces" or "ungoverned spaces" or fragile and failing states. I think the fragile/failing state label is fading but the point is what do we do about those states and areas of the world that fall short of certain definitions of normal? I wonder if there is a role for Special Operations Forces to help fill some of the void in those diplomatically empty spaces. Anyway, more to follow on this and other things. Stay tuned.

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