Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pakistan v. Taliban: an intrastate conflict?

Over the coming weeks I'll be doing some research on the conflict Pakistan is engaged in against the Taliban. Where did it begin? How did it begin? Who started it? Is the approach to deal with it effective? What else is involved in the conflict? Where does India fit in? Where does the U.S. fit in? Where is the U.N.? And more. The first essay will be a look at Pakistan's conflict with the Taliban as an intrastate conflict. Undoubtedly Pakistan is engaged in a fight against factions of Taliban within the borders of Pakistan. And, undoubtedly the Taliban have waged a war against innocent Pakistanis. As a nation with nuclear weapons, what does the conflict mean and what are the implications for a successful or failed campaign? I welcome any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for resources. I have some theories about the causes, particularly the influence of U.S. actions in Afghanistan. But, I also think there may be an element of Indian influence too. We'll see where the research go.

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Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your interest in the topic. It adds a little more to how we understand our world.